Updating firmware china mp4 players

19-Nov-2017 08:48

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Updating your firmware will NOT provide you with any extra features.It's really intended as a resource and 'backup' should the firmware on your player becomes corrupt.Here are the instructions for updating the firmware on your player: 1.Download and install the AMV Convert Tool 3.68 (MP3 Player Utilities 3.68) or the AMV Convert Tool 3.57 (MP3 Player Utilities 3.57) or the AMV Convert Tool 3.06 (MP3 Player Utilities 3.06).For more recent players you can try the newest MP3 Player Utilities from -- [Downloads] link on the left hand side menu bar, then choose [Tools] then [MP3 Player Utilities]. Connect your player to your computer using the USB cable. You will now see a progress bar and a message saying "Writing the firmware data to the device". During updating, your computer will look like it's 'hung' for a few seconds, don't worry, just let it do it's thing and wait for the " out of your MP3/MP4 player during a firmware upgrade!Make sure that Windows detects your player and allocates a drive letter to is through Windows Explorer. This will corrupt the firmware and you will have to use a recovery process to fix it (very long and lengthy and involves taking the player apart). -i have this type of PMP with this Id; PL24-3052-tjlt8-v1.2 -i found the firmware on inder 4share link. i hav a mp4 player and chips are ak1025 and hy27ht088g2a. Pouvez-vous me dire la conduite à tenir pour le débloquer avec un grand merci d'avance. dears hardwarks member i have mp5 spmp 3052b the device still (light your life) i have the device firwer or flasing fils but when i plug in data cable do the flash device on or still same not connet my system plz tell me how i can connet or what make some specail cable for it plz tell me coneting mathod i m wating thnks alote hi friends tell me from where i can download the Image A and B because i am not able to get A image or B image from the player. I know that when you plug something into a usb port, there should be a file that you can pull up with player info and what-not, and the player wont even turn on. Anyone out there know where to download games for this china made Sony PSP???-i downloaded it, but i nevre found any driver for the 2 cams. what is the exactly FRM PRO that i can use my pmp is Xhm 7678f? I accidentally default setting and all games deleted....thank u very much! hello man i have a china mp4 player but he show a blue window with loding i download your flash player but i don;t know how to use it please brother please and plz you make avideo of who to repair your mp4 player and attach on mp4 flashing player on your site plz brother help me i m very poor person please Guys this is the time to I need your help... Thanks HELLO DEAR, I'M WORKING IN ALL KIND OF CHINESE MP3, MP4 SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE PLEASE SEND ME YOUR PLAYER FULL DETAILS LIKE THIS CHIP-BOARD ID-LCD ID-CAMERA ID ADD ME IN YAHOO MESSANGER [email protected]

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how can i use them please respond on : [email protected] freinds, these are the steps,just be cool and don't get nervous: 1- go at the bottom of this page, and look for how to download Driver 2- after installing it, push the "identify unknown hardware" under "drivers download info" 3- automaticlly, the software will look it self for the drivers of the 2 camera drivers. I need yor help thanks God bless All [email protected] have mp4 player. Com In Facebook https:// Hi, Jan I need a MP4 development tools like H/W(Mockup) and Firm Ware source using ACTION ATJ2237D. Hi i have a chinese mp5 player and its cpu id is hynix 27ufo84g2b And i haven't found the firmware utility on internet So,please give me the firmware utility you can reply me at [email protected] everyone i have a mp4 player of jxd.

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