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Now the two must keep their marriage a secret from everyone especially Rocky and Tinka. AU Rating may vary On Hiatus sorry Trapped in a dungeon for Glob knows how long with only the Vampire King as company is never good. You need people." That was the conversation that lead to her taking bath by hose, outside of his house. - My take on Lizzie and Darcy's reconciliation, written pre episode 95. Spike stays and helps Buffy when she is cornered by Angelus in Becoming pt. Caroline heads over to Klaus' house, tired of never getting to choose happiness for herself. Post 4x16, Klaroline, One Shot, written with a-little-blonde-distraction and livingdeadblondegirl LBD Universe: If the flap of a butterfly's wing can affect the weather half a world away, how can one little change influence the outcome of a story? After saying good bye to Tyler in 4x14, Caroline realizes how alone she is, and goes to the only other person that understands her, Klaus Mikaelson. Based loosely on the events between Bingley and Jane in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". Caroline agrees to help Klaus with the baby, but really doesn't expect it to cause so much trouble with everyone else. He decides to take inspiration from the movie and give her a romantic Christmas memory.Throw in a trap, a hole, and a cockroach and things would only heat up even more. Love makes no sense, especially not when you feel attracted to the man who is your worst enemy. Her mom said, "She could always come back," but she knew she could hold on to home and move on. But she is determined to remind him of their love, especially since a little someone is dying to call him 'daddy'. 2 as a result he ends up being effected by Willow's resouling spell, and he is not the only one. How does Lizzie's stay at Netherfield change if Caroline wasn't there? She has so much to finally tell him, and so much to ask. Mindless Dizzie fluff :)Caroline is a personal assistant. She can barely stand looking at him, at the feral but slightly wounded look in his eye, and she wants to do nothing more than compress herself against his chest, fold right underneath his rib cage and latch on." Klaroline drabble. In which temptation is presented, nearly flung in his face, and the Captain whose notoriety springs from devilishly seductive wiles proves himself to be a gentleman. Oneshot, think Klaroline flirty banter from season 4 but no specific spoilers. :)*ONE-SHOT* Caroline had shown up at his door out of the blue at the worst possible time, his clothes still soaked with the blood of his hybrids, his face still contorted by his violence and the hurt of their betrayal. She must have know that he was well aware of her role as "bait", as it were, he wasn't some idiotic high school boy."You might be uncertain, but I'm not.This tries to dive deeper into Wendy and Peter's relationship and the possibilities of their history together. (Rated T for sexual tension and mild language)She regrets the slap the moment her palm connects with his cheek, wishes sorely she thought to bring a crowbar along or convinced Thor to lend her Mjolnir for the occasion, anything to wipe that self-satisfied smirk from his face. Emma ends up in Wonderland and meets the characters from her favorite story, only they aren't nearly so scary in the book! A debate that will go on for the rest of their lives. This is actually my first time writing Whouffle, so..nice, ok? She's a person."[complete] "You will apologize to the lady," he says darkly, anger wafting off of him in waves. "Please tell me you didn't follow Elena and me here." She taps her foot impatiently as she glares at him. Killian crosses the Storybrooke Border and loses all of his memories.Darling Pan Surrounded by the magic of Neverland, Emma realizes she may have more in common with Peter Pan than she ever thought possible.. On October 31, 1991, Hermione Granger ends up in the Room of Requirement instead of the girl's bathroom. / Contains pairings Dr/Hr, Bl/Gn and in third chapter Harry/Pansy is mentioned Blackout. Why did Darcy only wear neck ties after the rejection? ;)The TARDIS decides to show Clara moments of the Doctor's recent past. And he'd promised himself he'd never take the risk of another loss. Klaus finds a drunk Elena on Wickery Bridge and they wind up talking. Hints of D/E, Klaus/Tatia, Eli/Tatia, Eli/Kat S/Kat, S/R, and very minor S/E. It is quite clear the gentleman is two seconds from ripping out the drunken vampire's throat. An angry Klaus has to go track down Rebekah during lunchtime at the high school. When he runs into Emma there is something familiar about her that he can't seem to place, but somehow he knows she is the only one who can help him remember.She meets eleven-year old Tom Riddle, and thereby begins an exciting companionship with a boy from the past. It started with a touch, and whirled out of control until she never wanted it to end, and then it was over and the lights came back on. Clara sees some of his companions' heartbreaking goodbyes and comes to understand why the TARDIS hates his "strays". But just like everything that's ever been his before, Clara Oswald is just as fragile. He'd had quite enough of that in the past, thank you. Two years post 4x13, Caroline is looking to the moon for answers. "Hardly seems your style, sweetheart." "Yeah well, not all of us get to mull for thousands of years over the fact that our father wanted to murder us. Not everyone there knows how powerful he is and Klaus didn't realize how powerless he was until a couple of random teenagers showed him. When she fell from Heaven, it was not because she was evil nor was it because she wanted to rebel, rather, it was because she was lonely. AU - Now Complete"I hope you didn't think a little infatuation I had with your pretty little girlfriend was going to save her.

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/or, the Grill throws a Christmas party and things kind of fall apart.And not knowing who Choi Young-do really is, Eun-sang befriends him before going on her trip to America to visit her sister.

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