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It seems that mischief runs in the family, and when Matt is told that he has to spend the entire summer surrounded by trombones and clarinets, he plans a serious of outrageous pranks in a bid to make the best of his nerdy new surroundings.

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Plus they have tried to combine the clumsiness of Jim into the character and this makes it completely wrong.

When he is implicated in a gross-out prank involving band instruments, Matt faces the wrath of the principal, who's still fuming from Steve's antics.

He decides to send Matt off to band camp, which initially is a horrible place to Matt.

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The "Stiffmeister" legacy lives on in this installment of the wildly popular teen comedy series that finds Steve Stifler's younger brother Matt (Tad Hilgenbrinck) sentenced to a summer at band camp after a wild school prank goes awry.

Thankfully they did try to bring back a couple of characters including a bit part for Chris Owen as Sherman and also more importantly a bigger role for Eugene Levy as Mr. Eugene Levy is really what makes "American Pie Presents Band Camp" bearable for those who preferred the originals as he continues to give his awkward fatherly advice to those around him in particular Matt as he struggles to encompass all that is good about Band Camp even when he does end up getting a certain part of his body stuck in an oboe, a scene which almost mimics the more superior trumpet scene from "American Pie 2".

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