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Also, you have to havethe shots within a certain time period, and sometimes we were on aplane then. On insurance and using fertility treatments: Both sisters feel very strongly about insurance companies and their infertility coverage — or lack thereof.

Although because of their careers as Dixie Chicks, they were lucky enough to be able to afford as many fertility treatments as they felt they needed, Emily and Martie are both aware that lack of funds is a major stumbling block for many couples dealing with infertility.

Now that I have children, I see thoseembryos as possible children.

So I have to think about what my optionsare if there are leftovers again. I would always worry: what if it’s an abusivefamily? I’m by nature a very modest person, but by the end of that tour, everyone had seen me naked.

Bandmate Natalie Maines, 32, decided to start her family a year after getting married to actor Adrian Pasdar, and got pregnant with son Jackson Slade, now 6 1/2, right away.

Currently, Martie and Gareth are trying for another baby — she began the IVF process again in August. I had all three implanted, but none were successful.I hadto take the shots on the road and see different doctors in differentcountries. I remember once in Scandinaviathere was a doctor whose examining table — with stirrups — looked like itwas in the middle of his personal office.It was the dustiest,dirtiest, non-sterile environment for a check-up.We kind offeel like it’s epidemic at this point with our generation. In the beginning I feltsuch a stigma about it, but then I found out how many people areaffected by infertility, and what a beautiful thing it is that there’sthis technology and science out there to help couples have children.

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The more people talk about it, the less stigma there is.But when she and actor husband Gareth Maguire decided to start their family while Emily was still receiving her final treatments, Martie never thought she’d face the same issues.