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In 2011, we decided that confrontation was the only way to go, because if we tried to do small projects on the side, they would only come and shut us down.We decided that to get our ideas working, we first needed to liberate ourselves from totalitarian rule.It is interesting to see the new president allowing this to happen, although it might come back to bite him: it is impossible for him be clean because he has been in government for so many years.One of the main reasons why we thought the new president would not do anything is that under the Angolan electoral system we vote for a party, not a candidate for president, and dos Santos remains the president of the ruling party. We knew there was disruption within the ruling party, but the level of disruption is only now becoming apparent. How is civil society reacting to these changes and the new opportunities that may open? The new president’s intentions appear to be good, so we should give him the benefit of the doubt.Lopez, treated derisively by all as Lopitos, is a humble but loyal citizen of Los Cocos Republic, working as an assistant at the chancellery, helping to process visas. See full summary » Cantinflas works as a porter, who writes letters and speeches in his old writing machine to earn an extra money, despite the fact that he still goes to school.

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So we know they are reading our comments and they know we are there not just to be critical, but that we want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Cantinflas es un singular barbero (peluquero en otras zonas de Latinoamérica), quien intercambia con un anciano vecino de profesión abogado, lecciones de leyes a cambio de cortes de cabello y rasuradas.

Éste le propone asesoramiento para defender en los tribunales a los desfavorecidos del barrio.

Por la gracia que irradia Cantinflas, destacan dos partes de Si yo fuera diputado: cuando le corta el pelo a su tío Juan (Andrés Soler), con quien siempre hubo una gran química actoral, y la correspondiente al juicio en que Cantinflas, aspirante a abogado, defiende a una mujer (María Cristina Lesser) quien ha sido acusada de asesinar a su esposo.

The boyfriend (Cantinflas) of the servant of a rich industrial man, gets into the house in order to kill a mad dog.His daughter Isabel dos Santos was chair of the national oil company, Sonangol - oil is our main resource - and his son José Filomeno dos Santos managed the US billion sovereign wealth fund.

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