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I'll set her down on your cock." Both men understood that Lynn was about to get her first anal. He sat her down facing away from Frank, on Frank's cock. His face was red from the excitement of the moment. He buried himself to the balls, in spite of the fact that she was extremely tight, and made even tighter by Franks cock filling her lower passage. His tongue violating her mouth as he ground his cock in circles, in the depths of her throbbing pussy. "Lynn, let me tell you about the last party that I went to.

In the next hour, Betty and Lynn each had two blow jobs, and two guys who each wanted both women. Wham, bam, thank you Ma'am." (To the reader, I would point out that this was happening in the early sixties, when free love, drugs, and group sex was common at universities.) Donna just laughed.

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"I'll be in room twenty, if anyone calls for me." Donna saw Betty walk two men towards the far end of the motel. Betty had carefully picked up the two best-dressed men in the bar. She wanted to be sure that they were savvy men, who would understand and utilize the information that she was about to tell them. Betty had told them that another woman would join them. Lynn is a married woman who has only had one lover in her life. Phil said, "With all due respect, Betty, if you don't mind, I want to do Lynn." "So do I," said Frank. Give me the money, gentlemen." The money changed hands.

Then, if you want to continue, you and I will sit down with him. My goal is to make one hundred and fifty thousand, tax free, then go buy a small gilt and flower shop in a nice southern town, marry, and live the rest of my life as a southern lady." Lynn Van Hoven had never heard another woman speak with such clarity, and authority in her life. Donna suspected that something was going on when Lynn had her man the motel desk. Donna stepped out of the office just in time to see Betty and the two men enter room twenty. Three, for fifty bucks, you can both have Lynn for a half hour." The men looked at each other, and then turned to Betty.

When Lynn relieved Donna, so she could drive home, Donna pulled her into the inner office. I know that you were in room twenty, and that a stream of guys went in and out of it while you were there." "You don't want to know." "Yes, I do. " "I made one hundred and seventy dollars." Donna, age twenty-one, and five years younger than her sister was stunned, just like her brother-in-law had been. " "Yes." "You know that I'm working two part-time jobs and trying to take twelve credit hours at State. Charles put a bed in the inner office, so Lynn would not be disturbed when with a client. Charles added two thousand feet to the bar, so that it now had a kitchen and dance floor. Three months later, he added a full service truck stop. " "I can think of one who is separated from her husband, one who is divorced, and one who is single." "Okay, call them up. I won't tell them that you or your sisters are doing it, until a girl has done it here one night.

That was as much as the bar and motel had made in profit last week. When the duplex sold, Donna and Debby moved into the motel, as did Charles and Lynn. " "Several." "Any come to mind who you know are easy for a guy to get to know, sexually? We will go sit by the pool and I'll fill them in on what is to be had here.

The beach was coated with a film of oil that would take a year or more to dissipate. That, with his saving was enough to buy the Lake View. In the meantime, the bar and motel limped along, even thou it was in peak season. By the second week of her stay, the motel was seeing half the rooms filled.

You will do one, I'll do the other." "What should I tell my husband? So, you tell him nothing, absolutely nothing, until you have done it for a few nights. I will also tell him that if you do it, and run this motel bar for ten years that you can retire rich. She knew that whatever happened to Lynn would be easier for her to take, if she was alone with the men. He took Lynn by the arms and pulled her to the side of the bed, so that her head hung over the side.

I'll arrange for two guys to come to the room each time.

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The story that I'm about to tell you is true, as to the basic facts. You will have to pull your legs up by your side to give men complete access. An adjuster for the ship owner had settled with Hubert for his loss of income for seventy thousand. Word of mouth among the peddlers, and other road warriors, brought more business each night.

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