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The Blade Children are the central mystery of the series, known only as cursed children that few know about and are being pursued by so-called Hunters.

Those who meet him eventually conclude, some more reluctantly than others, that Ayumu does have what it takes to "save" the Blade Children, as they say Kiyotaka claims.The series reveals that of the eighty original Blade Children watched by the Hunters, Savers, and Watchers, thirteen have been completely erased from their lists of Blade Children.The one responsible for this had been a neutral party who committed suicide after accomplishing this.Some thirty years ago, a man called Yaiba Mizushiro was born with one rib missing from his right ribcage.

Like Kiyotaka, he excelled at everything he chose to put his mind to.

Imari learns that he also is dating Yukine Amanae, a beautiful girl at their school, and both Shirou and Imari are unaware that Yukine is actually a reluctant murderer.