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30-Nov-2017 14:16

My Roots similar gadget- mine and friend's were from India so an Indian brand.

It just needs practice- initially you might get biscuits/ rocks, but persist.

An aside-The expert on NDTV advises girls from 9 years and boys from 13 years to be ready to date. Glad to know that there are indeed people who use roti maker and are quite satisfied with the product. How come Roti maker is still in business if everyone buys and dumps it in basement/grarage/store room?

I always felt that I am missing some point in understanding how it works and How to use it efficiently. I just saw a roti maker yesterday and was thinking about getting it.

If you know someone who uses it succesfully whom you can observe, nothing like it. At the risk of sounding like a new bride in a cold country outside India, desperately calling mom in India over phone about how to make rotis just before husband returns from work (having returned early herself), or one trying to impress desi guests expected for dinner by serving all homemade food or one who has signed up to make 100 rotis for Diwali potluck at temple, I have one more question: Suma, before you put the roti ball on the roti-maker, do you only press it down with fingers a bit, or roll it out with a rolling pin?

You wouldn't consider uploading a video, would you? Wifey is the Roti/Chappati maker at home and she's damn good at it!

First side await bubbling Then turn over, slight bubbling, turn over again and lid on and it should puff lifting the lid.

Most Indian stores do you a practical demonstration when they sell it and you can have a practice run there( I didnt have the practice run hence I had to wait 2 years to learn from a friend) In fact the guys in the shop just put the well rounded ball onto the maker. I'll get my pal in Uk to do one and then upload it to You tube- He will be thrilled. Get one make some dough and practice at home first till you get it right.

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This site sells clothing that it only fits ancient woman for very small and petite woman.I watched it couple of times just for the entertainment factor. Flatten the ball slightly( no need to use rolling pin, just hand)- One good press first time is what you need ,because it starts cooking so fast it rarely allows you to expand it further.