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I was in the Marine Corps, which was my reason for being at that location. Is there anyway that I can find out if that unit was there at that time? He passed away in the late '60's when I was 6 yrs old. Frog, Tood, Shepard were some of those in my company. He was a Seabee stationed in Newfoundland, Moroco, Korea, Spain, and of course Vietnam 66-69(2 tours).

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Our battalion's C Company built the Liberty Bridge, the single biggest construction project of the Vietnam war. name: Jodi King Eastwood email: jodik1959 at location: Haleyville, AL Date: May 29, 2010 comment: My grandfather, Charles F. I know my grandfather was on Guadalcanal, but he passed away when I was 9, so I know very little. name: Ben Frataccia UT 1 Ret, email: seabeeut1 at location: Deming, New Mexico Date: May 22, 2010 comment: Server with the BET from 1964-1985 Always a Be and Damm Proud of it.. MCB 6 69 , MCB 71 70 , Siginolla ( sp ) det Crete 70-72 , CBU 407 Corpus Christi 72-75 , NMCB 5 75-78 , NAS Bermuda 78-79 . 93510 Date: May 21, 2010 comment: Hello, I joined the Navy Seabee's in 1968. I completed a tour in Okinawa, rebuilding Camp Kinser for the first large Marine pull-down of troops out of V. I was a IPO based on my background with heavy equipment. however, I believe I contributed to the over all effort.

NOTE from Sheldon, [email protected] you make contact with old friends, shipmates, or whomever maybe you could drop us an e-mail telling us about it. I was also one of the original plank owners of the re-commissioning of MCB 74.

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