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When the live action portion of a scene was filmed, the background portion of the film wasn’t exposed.Once the live action was filmed, a different cut-out would be placed over the live action.The film would be rewound, and the filmmakers would film their new background.This technique was known as the in-camera matte and was considered more a novelty than a serious special effect during the late 1880s.This way if anything was lost, the master would still be intact.Around 1925 another method of making a matte was developed.Although the device is associated mostly with Greek tragedy, it also appeared in comedies."Indiana Jones - And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull ...

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Around this time, another technique known as the glass shot was also being used.

The computer animation blended perfectly with the digital matte, something a traditional matte painting could not have accomplished.""The term was coined from the conventions of Greek tragedy, where a machine is used to bring actors playing gods onto the stage.