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I tried to take her into the washroom with me, but she was adamant that she was too old to use the men's room – she refused point blank, and Mom had to drop everything, leave all our baggage sitting out in the concourse with only me to look after it, and trail both my sisters into the ladies' room.

In those far off days, of course, the world was a safer place and I didn't have any problems, but it was a heavy responsibility for someone not quite nine years old.

Dad remarked a little waspishly after his arrival that no matter how posh Uncle Campbell's accent was, the school he had been to was not a public school at all. Edward's School which actually was a real, honest to goodness public school dating from the 17 century: I dampened Dad's ardor a little by not having a clue what a public school actually was. Edward's while we were there, but we never had the time to go.

I became rather well acquainted with the place later on when I was sent to board there in 1968, however.

There were several people in line for the washroom and my boyish essentials were clearly on display as I shrieked "Close the door! An older man very kindly shut the door for me and gently explained how to latch it properly after my privacy had been restored.

My body didn't know it was in the UK and it just wanted to be left alone until my normal waking time of AM Eastern Daylight time; it was rather grumpy with me as I got up that morning.The flight itself was uneventful except for one slight hiccup – I did need to move my bowels again during the flight and went fairly precipitously to the washroom at the back of the 'plane.In my haste I didn't stop to latch the door properly and it sprang open just as I was standing up wiping my bottom.Joan was very amused indeed and to this day she likes to tell people about the incident: "Everybody in the 'plane could see him standing there with his little dinky and balls hanging down, shrieking "Close the door! We were met by a gate agent, and my rather frazzled mother got some much needed help with her unruly brood.

I spotted Papa first – I was very fond of him although I had only seen him infrequently – and rushed out to give him a tremendous hug.

Mom had been gone for quite some time (she took the opportunity to change Sammy's diaper), and I was getting very anxious indeed by the time she returned with the girls in tow.