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I will redeem you with a demonstration of My power and with great acts of judgment.

-Shemos 6:6 I will harden Pharaoh’s heart and thus will produce the opportunities to display many miraculous wonders and signs in Egypt.

When Rabi Pinchos ben Yair traveled to redeem a captive Jew (pidyon sh’vuyim-redeeming captives, is the highest form of tzedakah-charity) he reached the banks of the Ginai River and could go no further.

He commanded the river waters to interrupt their flow so that he could cross through the riverbed and proceed on his mission of mercy.

The Divine Will that created the Laws of Nature and that continues to direct natural law often becomes obscured by natural processes.

This is why Torah numerologists have pointed out that Elokim shares an equal numerical value with hateva-the Nature (86) and why Torah etymologists teach that the root of the word olam-cosmos, world, is he’elam-concealment.

What makes them “good” or positive is that they are consistent with, and fulfillments of, Ha Shem’s will.Absent an irresistible compulsion to act, physical intimacy fails to rise to the level of “running to do with the Will of his Creator” Over the past decade Perek Shirah has gained enormous popularity. When we hear a frog croaking cacophonously we run for a pair of earplugs.We hardly consider this croaking to be the music of a symphony orchestra.A world that does not perceive god as the Creator is unready to accept G-d as the Divine Legislator.

By laying bare the existence of a Force that superseded Nature, that could utterly manipulate Nature and that could bend Nature to It’s supernatural Will, the makkos removed any the lingering doubts about the existence of G-d the Creator and proved the truth of numerous principles of our faith.

When a man grows fatigued it is G-d’s will that he sleep.