Moonlight dating sim 2 help

15-Sep-2017 17:13

I hope you will be able to do more koreanovela that touches our heart all ,,, We all fro philipine likes it and I hope you can come to visit Philippine again tour more on the nice places here in philippines ,,,,, I hope God will grant my wish to visit Korea and work there ,,, I wish i can see you in person ,,,, Jusimi,,, Hello Park Bo-Gum, ds Frankie of the Philippines, a teacher in my own native land. I wish to see you but that's very impossible isn't it? But still I'm hoping someday my wish will come true. After watching the Love in the Moonlight episodes on You Tube, I've always wanted to see his face. I am not so fond of watching movie series even our very own, but i was amazed and appreciated how you portray your character in the movie Love in the Moonlight.

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Also, your series encourages me on strengthening my decission making skills, and lastly, your series give d best example for the young people, "the milleneals" to be very careful of their trust and love towards the other. I can't wait to see you and show you how I treasure you not just an actor but an amazing guy. Visit my country Philippines,cebu philippines I really want to see you in personal I want to go to korea but im not allowed God blessyou!!! I really adore you for everything you do i hope i could meet you one day just one talk and one picture of me and you.. Park Bo Gum is a great actor, he's good in everything he do. I was in Cebu when you had a vacation with the cast of MDBC, but I didn't know you back then and missed you out. :) Even if you don't know that I exist and I'm just one of your million fans who can never be able to meet you, hold you and hug you in personal, I'm still thankful that I have known such a person like you. He is cute, okay, i know that this is so irrelevant but he has cute face so i just couldn't help but loving him moreee 4. till then stay healthy my dongsaeng.of love and support from India..mmmuahh Oppa Bo Gumssi... still praying to see you when I was at my right age enough. It is my first time being so addicted and most of it liking video clips, picture wherever i see it... Just take your time and select a drama that suits you. I wish I could travel to Korea and meet you personally together with Park Seo Joon. After watching Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and then Hello, Monster right after, I'm awed by the breadth of PBG's acting abilities, especially at a young age. Hi Bogum, It's my first time to really admire a Korean actor, who is so young but full of talent and sensitivity in acting. I've heard that you'd came here in the SRP, Bohol and Sm cebu last year ago?? He portrayed his character really well in I Remember You! The directors and producers are crazy for waiting this long to put him as the main lead he's really amazing!