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She plays with your toys with you and then reads you a cute jungle storybook!You secretly peed your pampers again and it feels soooo good down there that you can help but touch your soaking diaper and mommy totally sees you!You're SO HARD under your wet diaper and starts rubbing yourself. She even wants to help you while giving you words of encouragement to cum in your diaper DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW After a slew of mean Mommies and diaper punishment and humiliation, what better way to cheer up for the holidays than to have a nice, sweet and LOVING ABDL mommy like Terra Mizu to wake you, diaper check you & change your wet nappy?She loves to joke, have fun with you, taking off your old pissy pampers and breaking out a nice thick Bambino!/************************************************* * 10. Your new GF Jade comes in when you accidentally left the door open and fell asleep... You even have your diaper bag beside the couch so she starts pulling stuff out of it.DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW You're in your adult sized wooden crib sleeping & sweet mommy Caroline Pierce comes in to diaper check you. She gives you lots of love & smiles and toys of course!!The excitement as she comes in & opens your crib is the best because you know she's going to feel your full soggy diaper in a second! It's so fun to have a sweet loving mommy doting on you. First she checks if you're sick by putting a thermometer up your butt!

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DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW Mommy Lynn is a sexy busty milf who is a very sweet, soft and loving AB mommie!!DJ throws a fit so Cheyenne has to grab him by the ears and threaten a spanking.

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