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Once you've accepted it, you can take steps to overcome those biases and embrace workplace diversity.In this course, you'll learn how to recognize and observe your own biases.Length: Capgemini's Marijke Dekker In her previous role with Cap Gemini, Ms.

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Length: 1 page Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Members We created the Global Leader Forum, an invitation-only group, to allow us to continuously unearth, adapt and share best practices from Skillsoft's and Sum Total's most progressive clients.You'll also learn about the different types of to-do lists and how to use them effectively.Length: Getting Started with Angular JS Angular JS is designed to simplify the task of building single page Model, View, Controller apps.By starting with mandatory compliance training, Carrington positioned Skillport as the "Google of Learning," encouraging users to access it for their own professional development.

Length: 1 page CGI Learn how CGI partnered with Skillsoft to deliver a "Learning Everywhere" site, featuring examples of experiential learning activities and Skillsoft's New Habit Calendar and how all e Learning courses, videos and books were a click away for members identifying their individual learning style and planning their professional and personal development.

Length: 14 pages Hitachi Consulting's Jennifer Crowfoot Hitachi Consulting developed a custom course that replaced a two-day classroom session.