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16-Oct-2017 19:55

At least something like Oreimo, as painful a show as it often was, actually made an effort to make its characters something more than that.

On numerous occasions, Ako makes it clear that she is a terrible girlfriend who has no right dating anyone.

This is an anime where the protagonist's entire set of friends in an online game just so happen to be attractive (in some cases, popular) girls who, conveniently, attend the exact same high school and know him personally, including a twintailed tsundere and his in-game waifu who immediately clings all over him and proclaims herself his wife, despite not actually knowing anything about who he is in the real-world.

If you were to drop the show immediately after the first episode, I would not blame you, and I would actually suggest you are making the right choice.

The protagonist is the single most important character in a story, and here he is the least interesting.

I get it-- the girls need to be cute in a harem series, and so they might take a higher priority, but that is still no excuse for making the protagonist a lifeless sack of nothing.

A couple like this would not last more than a few weeks in reality, much less a lifetime.

Netoge isn't all too interested in making the other girls (and there are a whole four of them) feel like they actually have a place in the story.

They could just as easily be taken out of the show entirely without it affecting all that much.

That Ako is completely serious about it makes it quite clear that she is a basket-case and that the show has no interest in painting her as an actual person.

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She is a collection of silly tropes to throw on a body pillow and sell to otaku.The anime industry clearly hasn't had enough of those.

L'atmosfera del satellite è tossica per gli umani che devono indossare apposite maschere filtranti; inoltre sono stati sviluppati gli avatar, cioè ibridi creati in laboratorio con geni umani e geni Na'vi, ma privi di coscienza propria: infatti ciascun avatar può essere utilizzato e controllato solo dall'essere umano il cui DNA è stato impiegato per comporlo.… continue reading »

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