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12-Jun-2017 13:03

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Today the same girl's photos appears on 4 different profiles, all on-line at the same time! Aside from going to the bars and clubs I thought I'd try a dating website, and this was one of the first ones that came up on Google.

It's a shame, because there are some, but not many, genuine people on this site. Even though the design of the site is pretty dated, I thought that since it was only about 14-15 euros I'd try it out.

Many scammers want to go to IM or e-mail immediately on trivial excuses, such as, "I won't be on this site long," the reason being that they know the site owners are going to kick them off.

Most profiles are free, so there is no reason for a woman to leave the site quickly.

Just be alert for people that contact you and then request to go off site to chat or yahoo or email.

I believe there are some genuine people on the site but I think that it is filled with liars and scam artists.

Be aware of the modelling photos, or catalogue photos, really young attractive people that you would be surprised would be interested in you, young people with an age range right up to 60 and beyond, for example, they are 30 and they put their range up to 89 yrs, people who say that age is no barrier to love etc. If it seems too good to be true This site is really good.

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I terminated a 6 month contract at 3 months because they wouldn't remove a Member, who used my email address to put me with UADreams. The first email from them was a full-page ad for her that would have required I sign up. If you don't recieve that kind of attention in every day life, why would you think it would be different on the Web. If they are very flirtatious and flatter you, ask what you do for a living and if you live alone - run a a mile.If they are interested, they will respond and take the lead. tfx=cj&xyz=1 New Zealand Scandinavia Denmark Do your research on a country where you would not mind living and go from there. hl=en&sl=da&tl=en&u= This is a comprehensive listing of Denmark’s free and paid sites. Most are free and most will include people from the US as well.

It seems that some of these sites will overlap or be applicable for more than one country on your preferences list. Unfortunately, this is part of what we have to deal with when deciding to look online for love.3 The site owners don't give a bugger about you! They allow scammers kicked off today to come back on tomorrow.

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