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It feels like stepping on [dog poo emoji].'Wei hit out at her for attacking others for buying fake products when she did too, and claimed she 'brutally attacked and abused' her in Year 4 groups.

In her defence, the second mother argued her messages didn't defame the first mother as she claimed, and even if they did she could defend them as being largely true.

[Intro: Ma Si Wei & DZ] What the fu- Ayy, get Higher, get Higher, get Higher There's no Skype, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram We use We Chat, yeah-e Ayo, Keith, tell me your We Chat number ayy Ah-hah [Chorus 1: DZ] I don’t open We Chat to see your bullshit I don’t open We Chat to see your bullshit I don’t open We Chat to see your bullshit I open, I open, I open We Chat [Verse 1: DZ & Ma Si Wei] Friends' circle sell designer clothes that are made of mink Chicken soup for the soul has no effect on you The opportunity to make money is mine and not yours, there’s no time I don’t open We Chat to see your bullshit And finally, she became a purchaser I couldn’t persuade her to stay, photo album showed the before and after of plastic surgery I’m too lazy to delete 90 pieces of trash Online friends catfighting, laughing while sitting on the hill watching tigers fight Request for the patterns of my routine Not careful in exposing, then no smooth sailing One thousand contacts and 900 hot girls I’m still single at the moment but white comes out of the mix [Verse 2: Psy.

P] All the girls like to talk dirty to me because I’m a Scorpio It just passed , I’m ready to start writing tracks No breaks for messages to disturb me I ran to escape the girls' heads, the girls all get reeled in Received a concert fee, too lazy to return the call There’s been a lot of things to do recently There’s a lot of things to do Say it before you ask yourself Just don’t wanna listen, just don’t wanna see Unless you’re with us discussing business They’re always glued to their screens You can come find me, why didn’t you say it earlier?

If the project proves successful in Guangzhou, it will be expanded to other regions starting from January 2018.

China's "App For Everything" We Chat, officially launched in 2011, has evolved into China’s biggest social network with 980 million monthly active users as of late September.

'The first mother also claimed the only reason the other one's son got into Knox was because she noticed the vacancy and vouched for her with the school.

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The app can ask your colleagues to clock in for you to show that you were at work or to ask for time off.She also allegedly made her out to be a 'savage' and unethical person and an incompetent manager in posts seen by more than 1,000 We Chat members.The second mother is counter-suing over a series of other messages to the Knox English as a Second Language and Knox Mothers We Chat groups, seen by dozens of members.'In front of me you call me baby and darling, and behind my back you stab me madly with a knife,' she wrote, according to court papers seen by Daily Mail Australia.'You really think that you are a high class lady by sending your children to a private school, and by buying a few fake handbags?Dating sites are, thankfully, getting better at spotting who is using their service to send thousands of spam messages.

It's pretty easy to tell: They send the same message over and over, often with the same link.

Knox said it would not comment on a legal matter between two people and the We Chat groups were not official or endorsed by the school.