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In Portugal, the cognate remained fidalgo, which identified nobles of a similar status to a hidalgo in Spain.

In the Kingdom of Aragón, the infanzón was the noble counterpart of the Castilian hidalgo.

Both estates of the realm (social classes) became combined, compulsorily contributing to the nation in service and taxes without exemption, while the titled nobility and royalty kept their former privileges and exemptions.

Unlike southern Spain, in the north the number of nobles was high and their differences with the common people were few, having been in itself reformed their society from the beginning for historical and demographic reasons as authentic militias for the support of the Royals.

When challenged, an hidalgo de sangre may obtain a judicial sentence validating his nobility from the Royal Chancillería of Valladolid or Granada, if he can prove that it has been accepted local society and custom.Hidalgo de bragueta ("fly-of-the-trousers hidalgo") obtained tax exemption for having seven sons in legal matrimony.In Asturias, Cantabria and other regions of Spain every seven years the King ordered the creation of padrones ("registers") where the population was classified either as hidalgos nobles, and therefore, exempt from taxation due to their military status or pecheros (from an archaic verb, pechar, "to pay") who comprised the estado llano ("lower ranks") and were excluded from military service and had to pay taxes.There is no evidence for another popular false etymology (folk etymology) that hidalgo is a corruption for hijo de godo ("son of the goth").

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In the previous Visigoth monarchies, the condition of the hidalgo was that of a freeman without land wealth, but with the nobleman's rights to wear arms and to be exempt from taxation, in compensation for military service; the military obligation and the social condition remained in force by the Fuero Juzgo law.In this case, the resulting legal document that verifies his nobility is called a carta ejecutoria de hidalguia (letters patent of nobility).

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