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Jackson and April I've been slowly goaded into liking April after seasons on the indifferent-to-irritated spectrum, but what impresses me about her and Jackson is their ability to compartmentalize the ways in which they're wrong for each other. Plus, credit where credit is due: It's pretty ballsy to crash a wedding, take the bride, and marry her that very day.10.

Meredith and Finn, but he appeared across nine whole episodes, and more than held his own as a contender for Meredith's heart.

Some people meet and fall in love in an instant and — boom — that's it, but Denny's in the midst of an insane amount of trauma and adrenaline and upheaval. First, she's mad that he's going to California for medical school, and then, she's mad that he's dropping out and coming back.

I know he believes he's met the love of his life (and we later here the voicemail to prove it), but it's hard to categorize this as a sweeping, epic love story when you realize he and Izzie have spent together. First, she's frustrated by his inability to help her cope with her OCD, and then, she's furious that he's taken some steps to actually get her help outside the marriage.

Erica was brilliant and a challenge and prickly, which matched Callie's strength and intelligence and hardass-with-a-heart-of-gold vibe perfectly.7.

Teddy and Henrywriters and Scott Foley and Kim Raver all deserve credit for taking what could've been a pretty silly idea (man marries doctor to get health insurance) and turning it into a really compelling, and ultimately very sad love story.

We don't see a lot of successful romances on that truly begin as friendships, and while it's true that Teddy and Henry did put marriage before friendship, they definitely also put friendship before love.

It was a treat to watch those feelings build slowly, and Henry's death coming so soon after they'd both figured out how they felt was truly devastating.6.

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The Denny Duquette episodes are some of my very favorites — they're definitely among the ones I've rewatched over and over. Mark and Addison This falls firmly in my, "Why couldn't these two crazy kids work it out?! Maybe that's why Arizona's first impulse is to lash out at Callie (or at their situation) whenever she's angry about something — and I'm not just talking about how she coped with her amputation.

(I'm aware that these are fictional characters, but Aside from her inexplicable dislike of Cristina, I liked Erica Hahn, and I liked her with Callie.