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Si bien este libro no me gustó tanto como "¿Y Si Quedamos Como Amigos? Me encantaban las enredadas mentales que se metía Penny tratando de descifrar cuáles eran las intenciones de Ryan con ella, intentando convencerse de que era un cerdo como todos los demás, etc.

Because Penny Lane's vow to GIVE UP ALL THE BOYSES lasts all of 5 minutes. pues Ryan aparece en el radar y va a hacer que la resolución de Penny de dejar a los chicos de lado se vuelva muy, muy difícil.

Maybe it shouldn't be called the Lonely Hearts Club -- maybe you should call it the Rules Will Change When Convenient For Penny Club! I don't think Elizabeth Eulberg's YA comtemporary books are for me at all, because this is the third such I've read with disastrous consequences.1. A theme of BOYS ARE NOT EVERYTHING that completely, utterly fails4. Every time you're around Ryan, you flirt up a storm."Yeah, well, that was the old Penny. I'd be happy if I never had to speak to any guys for the rest of the year. En la propia portada ya te da a entender que el libro irá de ese tema: Este es un libro que TODA CHICA DEBERÍA DE LEER.

" Rosanna rolled her eyes dramatically, "How convenient that you decide to change the rules after you go on a date with the hottest guy in school! The portrayal of teenaged females as completely shallow character whose lives revolve around that of their boyfriends and crushes3. 'We all want to change the world' o 'With a little help from my friends...'.

I cannot believe this girl actually had a list of guys she wanted to date that year.

What was also unbelievable and stupid in this book was the character of Tracy.

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.and, of course, soon everyone wants to know about it. A movement is born: The Lonely Hearts Club (named after the band from Sgt. The cover of the book is a spin of the Beatles Abbey Road alblum cover. This is really a girl-power book with a light-dusting of romance.

Peeeeeeeero eso no quiere decir que no vaya a leer la secuela, pues creo que va a ser mucho más interesante, dado el final de este primer libro. The cover of the book is a spin of the Beatles Abbey Yes, it was girly. Penny and Ryan go to a Beatles tribute band concert. The outcome is what you think it will be, but the stops along the way are very entertaining.

It would be all about me, Penny Lane Bloom, sole member and founder of The Lonely Hearts Club. Word gets out, and the girls at school think this is a fab, fab (not to be confused with the Fab Four Beatles, with whom Penny's parents are obsessed) idea. if one of us wants to go --" "And then when we do find someone we think is special, we forget about our friends." I tried not to look at Diane. " How could Miss Perfect, blond-hair, blue-eyes model Diane Monroe be jealous of me? I mean, look at what I'm eating, for the love of carbs! There's Ryan, of course, there's also ex-asshole Nate, and beloved asshole jock Todd. Así que va a darle la sorpresa -CUANDO Nate SE ESTÁ QUEDANDO EN SU CASA EN NAVIDAD- ¡y la sorpresa se la lleva ella, porque pilla a Nate líandose con otra chica! Su personalidad es creíble ya que es muy parecida a la de muchos adolescentes. Bastante, cómo decirlo, borde si te metes con sus amigas/ eres una animadora superficial/intentas salir con alguien de la lista de chicos con los que quiere salir; es súper divertida también, tiene algunas cosas...

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