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24-Aug-2017 13:04

In these visual novels, the main character’s pets—either through magic or a dark curse of some kind—transform into humans, often retaining their animal personalities, memories, and traits.

They can communicate and reason like humans, the visual novels usually explain, but their animal form, for obvious reasons, makes it difficult for the animals to connect to people—that’s where their human forms come in.

To even come close to an answer, one needs to know what exactly constitutes anthropomorphism.

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Hell, However, visual novels present a much bigger issue in that they call upon their readers to actively engage in romance with an anthropomorphic character, as opposed to films whose viewers are just complicit, passive consumers.

At least in the case of Jisoo (my lovely black cat-man-boyfriend), arguably, he is anthropomorphic: at his very core, he is a cat that, for the near entirety of the game, is trapped in about 99 percent of a human body.