Freddy and carly dating

03-Jul-2017 12:32

" Freddie asked."Well, I mean we weren't trying like Griffin and I were. I don't really have it figured out yet." Freddie said. " Carly asked."It means something because it's you Carly. " Freddie said."I don't know why I kissed you Freddie." Carly said."I mean if it was just a kiss that's fine. She wasn't ready to deal with thinking about Freddie like this."I'm gonna go get something to drink, okay? Downstairs Carly went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of juice. "I'm a horrible person." Carly said."You're not horrible. How long until someone comes along that's like me that will go out with him? There's only one Carly Shay." Spencer said giving her a hug."Thanks Spencer. At least you know he doesn't collect peewee babies." Spencer said."I couldn't take it if we broke up. It'd make it awkward for Sam too." Freddie said."You shouldn't worry about breaking up. I think you should just figure out what the kiss means." Spencer said. She walked into the studio and said, "Have I ever told you how much I appreciate what you do for the show? "If we could only get Sam on board it'd be a good day.""So I was thinking about the kiss." Carly said. I mean Melanie was saying stuff like I'd never love you and you were looking so hurt." Carly said."You kissed me to prove Melanie wrong? Could she see herself dating Freddie in the future though? ""Sure." Freddie said as he watched her leave the studio. " Spencer asked."Melanie wanted Freddie to date her and she told him that I would never love him and he was so hurt and I couldn't take the thought that he might stop having feelings for me." Carly said. "There's nothing wrong with wanting him to like you.""There's something wrong with me not being sure if I like him back though." Carly said."If you're not ready to take things farther with Freddie then you should be honest with him." Spencer said."How long will he wait? He's a very patient person." Spencer said."He won't wait forever Spencer. I've never understood why you haven't given it a shot. She knew it would kill him if she told him it was just a kiss. "I know this time it was just a kiss but do you think we'll ever be anything more? Have a good night Spencer." Freddie said."You knew that she had invited Griffin to the New Year's Eve party right? He wondered how long he could really go on waiting for Carly. I think it's stupid that she invited Griffin to the New Year's Eve party." After a pause, "Don't tell her I said that." Spencer said."Yeah. It seemed like so long ago when they took it for the first episode of i Carly.

I mean we're best friends there's no reason we shouldn't talk about it." Carly said nervously moving from foot to foot."Well, did, did you like it? I kind of snuck up on you." Carly said."Do you want to try one that's real? " Freddie asked."I don't want to compare you to some other guy Freddie. You're the greatest guy I know next to Spencer and I don't want to compare your kiss to someone else's." Carly said."So we can't try one for real? Carly laughed a little too and the tension seemed to be clearing. Freddie stood there and she looked at him in a different way. He was a really cute guy that she spent most of her time with. How had she not noticed that he was always there for her and that he was the guy that would be honest with her about anything? " Freddie asked noting the look of concern that was on her face."Nothing, it's just hitting me that we kissed. "I mean shouldn't we have it figured out before we tell Sam? I've loved you for three years and then you kiss me. When I kissed Sam it was just to do it to get it out of the way." Freddie said. She stood in the kitchen staring at the fridge door."Hey Carly. " Spencer asked behind her as he came into the living room."I kissed Freddie." Carly said."What?!?! I kissed Freddie and I don't know what to do now." Carly said."What happened? Carly took a sip of her juice and then headed back up to the studio. Freddie stopped working on the laptop and looked her in the eyes, "And? I think I just didn't want you to feel bad." Carly said."Sure." Freddie said. I mean, like if at New Years Eve you need someone to kiss at midnight I wouldn't say no.""I know." Carly said. Set after IQuit i Carly and before i Saved Your Life.i Carly Christmas Chapter 6i Kissed Freddie Carly couldn't believe what she was doing. I don't have to stay here if you don't want me to." Freddie said nervously unhooking cords."Freddie you should stay.

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