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Deficits are all about more money going out than coming in.Unlike the budget deficit, the one the government has pledged to wipe out by 2020, the current account refers to the country as a whole, private and public.That's fine, so long as there's confidence in the UK's economic future.Companies can borrow by issuing bonds, paying modest rates of interest (as can governments) and foreign investors will gobble them up.

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In her first public comments on the case, Perera had told Reuters that she expected million to come from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to help fund a power plant and other projects in Sri Lanka.

By raising debt instead of equity, Spotify adds to its war chest without the possibility of setting a lower price for its stock, which can sap momentum and hamper recruiting. In return for the financing, Spotify promised its new investors strict guarantees tied to an IPO.