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12-Jul-2017 10:10

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The gang territories in San Andreas are denoted by colored areas on the map.

This is a list of gangs whose territories Carl can take over, with their corresponding colors: Note: in normal play, only territories involving Grove Street Families, Ballas and Los Santos Vagos appear and can be taken over.

One enemy out of each wave does not need to be killed, because often one or more will run into inaccessible places, especially in hilly territories.

The surviving gang member will continue to wander the streets, and will no longer be shown on the radar map. An alternate strategy is to use a vehicle to run over enemy/do drive bys.

To overcome this, walk over to the one or two Balla members, then get them to chase Carl until he finds some more Balla members.

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The second wave is slightly more difficult than the first wave as some enemy gangs will equip the MP5.The player can thus usually determine the initial location of the enemy by facing an area where he/she doesn't want them to appear.

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