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20-Aug-2017 15:13

This was a big problem for Cheryl, but an even bigger problem for her management.

Because as far as personal popstar PR goes, a charge of racially aggravated assault is about as bad as it can get.

If advertisers, sponsors, even certain clubs get the feeling that you are ‘that footballer everyone thinks is gay’, you won’t find yourself inundated with contracts.

He comments on the snap with: “See you there babe.” OMG.

However, unlike the Beckhams, the Tweedy/Cole alliance wasn’t built to last. More than mere sympathy though, she now has a new name.

In fact, if the theorists are to be believed, the exit strategy was the whole point. She is legally Cheryl Cole and never need be Toxic Tweedy again.

On July 14th 2014, Cheryl Cole made a rather surprising announcement: Technically, it’s two surprising announcements as “I usually do not discuss my private life” is every bit as unexpected as the part about her secret marriage. Admittedly, the timing was pretty fortunate – what with Cheryl having a new single to shill, a new fragrance for sale, a forthcoming album and a stint on to prep for.

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The language doesn’t sound particularly passionate either.

And nowhere near as interesting as the other theory as to why this sudden bombshell dropped. But if you’ve got a minute, you should hear it out. And it starts, like all the best love stories do, in a nightclub toilet.