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Teach both how to play fair rather than play games, the strength and vulnerability of the human heart, the ease with which we succumb to temptation and the value of a Confession with nothing held back and its subsequent Reconciliation. Lessons traditionally taught by the opposite sex parent cannot be taught in single parent homes.This does not just affect the lonely, disappointed, single parent, but generations of children who never learn valuable lessons until eventually the lessons ingrained over centuries are lost.This year, as is usually the case, I pulled an early morning hour shift ( am).Being […] I am learning to keep my anxiety and irritation about others to myself.Maybe you can’t babysit every Tuesday night, but you could check on the family cat during a summer vacation. Things that seem obvious, silly, or insignificant are often needed and overlooked.Little offerings can remove heavy weights from a single parent’s shoulders.They enjoy camping, sports, and (highly competitive) board games.And if you’re wondering about that last little Baby Boy – He is a bundle of giggles and goofiness.

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Nothing is off limits in divorce courts, and dirty laundry is aired in public.

Single parents face this alone and may need help speaking clearly in conferences or when confronted by gossip.