Benzino and lisa raye dating

26-Sep-2017 09:11

Me going out to a meet and greet where they ply us with good food and good liquor can be seen as unethical.

And yes me dating someone in the industry who later down the road is in a position of power or influence can be seen as unethical.

For many this did not happen to the degree that they had hoped.

Kim spoke about this during last weekends Feminism and Hip Hop conference in Chicago.

‘That’s why I don’t read the Source no more” said one prominent writer (who will go unnamed) during an internet Instant Message IM conversation.

He seemed to think that Kim was sleeping with folks and then going around and giving them high album ratings.

Do we charge Mays or Benzino or any other cat that approaches with being unethical for merely approaching?

Lastly can they ever approach and holler at an artist if you’re a journalist or radio person?

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Actors date other actors, politicians hook up with others who are in the political world and music people date music people.Well, to make a long story short, Osorio upon filing her lawsuit and charges with the EEOC, suddenly found her own character called into question when publisher Dave Mays fired back and accused Osorio of sleeping with several high profile artists while in her position.

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