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06-Nov-2017 20:10

“Their comments about his skinniness apparently wounded him,” says Walter Olson, editor of, an encyclopedic blog chronicling legal excess.

For Viktoria Jacyno, a Portland, Ore., public relations exec, it was an arguably more visceral injury that led to a lawsuit.

In May, a Birmingham, Ala., stripper sued her employer, The Furnace House, contending her job coaxing customers into buying her drinks caused her to get so drunk she crashed her car after her shift.

“Whatever happened to the old ginger ale/champagne ruse? For sheer chutzpah, though, it’s hard to beat ex-Milwaukee cop Robert Henry.

That is why many parents often opt for message boards instead, but is it really a safer option?

Many times, the moderator will also ban that user from returning.Common topics discussed include homework, parents, pets, music and sports.As for why some parents prefer online message boards, as opposed to internet chat rooms, it is because the conversations are not live.But other suits seem designed to do nothing but publicly humiliate the clowns that file them, and the annals of employee litigation offer their share of ludicrous legal actions.

Like the staffer at a real estate law firm in Plantation, Fla., who sent his boss an anonymous note reading “It all ends for you today,” written with letters cut from a magazine – a font preferred by “a junior high school girl or a psycho,” says Daniel Levine, a labor and employment attorney who represented the firm.

In fact, most message boards for adults also have someone who reviews the content. In fact, the same should be done with internet chat rooms.