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26-Dec-2017 03:19

ODBC is based on SQL as a standard for accessing data.This interface provides maximum interoperability: a single application can access different SQL Database Management Systems (DBMS) through a common set of code.For example, calculated fields such as Earned Value may be included in the logical schema, but they are not stored directly in the physical schema.These fields are calculated in memory and are accessible via the Primavera SDK.If stale data does not exist, the refresh call does nothing.

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For example, when you run the database setup scripts, Oracle and SQL Server require different SQL scripts.

When the driver loads, all projects are at scope_level 1, which includes only information about the project itself, no details about its structure or contents.

When clients want to see project level details, they must increment the scope_level for those projects from 1 to 7.

The SDK installation adds an ODBC driver named Primavera SDK to the system.

The setup process also prompts the user to create a database alias and creates a System DSN to access the SDK. If you need to add an additional Primavera SDK data source, you simply click the Add button in the dialog box above and select the Primavera Software Development Kit as the driver for your data source.The SDK requires some expertise in extracting data from a database (typically, using Structured Query Language (SQL) queries or programming tools), along with some knowledge of the application schema (tables and fields).

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