About no strings dating

09-Sep-2017 17:04

Rest assured you will not be able to escape it, because it will be everywhere.

You will witness these make out sessions in the back rooms, in a closet, against a windowsill, on the dance floor, and even perched on an elevated surface for all to see.

All you want is a FWB arrangement, but somehow feelings always seem to get in the way of your good time.

So how does a single girl stay unattached and uninterested when you’re seriously looking for no relationship, no drama and no strings attached? The whole idea of no strings attached is to keep it casual.

Never let your hook-up stand in the way of your real life. You’re not his girlfriend, so you don’t need to check up on him.

You need to stay emotionally uninvolved, so you shouldn’t care what he’s doing when he’s not with you.

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After you’re done with the deed, don’t hang around. He only needs to satisfy you physically, not emotionally, so keep it cool and head home. You don’t have to sleep with a bunch of different guys, but you can at least flirt, text, or even go on dates with other men.

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Just because you don’t talk about the inner most details of your lives doesn’t mean you can’t talk about anything. You don’t have a friendship, let alone a relationship with this man. So enjoy the freedom and every orgasm while it lasts.

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The one thing you really should be talking about is sex. Kelsey Dykstra Kelsey Dykstra is a freelance writer based in Huntington Beach, CA.

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