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^ %"%."*'%.'%'% «%VV«%»V»VV* -W-V^V^^V^W^ ^.-W"* ■%•-%. -V -V "V ^--%- BOSTWICK AVENIE, 175-177 Lake St., Chicago.

U Akron Office, Arcade Block — Main Office and Works at Barberton Utntion the hu Ua tiubber World when i/ou write c H L O R I D E OF 5 U L P rl U R AND Bl- SUL PHID OF CAR BON GEO.

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Kansas City New York Chicago RUBBER WORKS, AKRON, OHIO London II .' ■ '•■■ n ? Tires, Inner Tubes, Splicing Compound, Packing, Rubber Horse Shoe Pads, Plumbers' Supplies. Being only about half the thickness of the ordinary water bottle, when filled, it is easy to place under the patient and comfortable to lie on. For pain in the ear, teeth or ss** i »7»l| face, the hollow disk gives tj . With regard to Volenite, the optimistic language used is delightfully vague; it is possible to be nearer a success than before but still to be a very great distance from it. In one year recently the imports of India-rubber ^oods were valued at ^305, and presumably the amount will be shown by more recent reports to have increased. This district is an important contributor to the supply of what is known as Purus rubber, and political conditions there have a direct bearing upon the yield of this grade of rubber. 2S 17,030 20,870 19.500 1,370 " To March 31 21,820 24.530 '23,260 '1,270 " To April 30 24,350 26,670 To May 31 26.(124 28,750 To June 30 27610 30.000 [* To March -3, 1903.] It is not alone from the Amazon valley that good arrivals have been reported. @ Caucho(Peruvian)sheet 54 ©55 Caucho (Peruvian) ball 67 @68 AFRICAN. Islands, fine 5*550 Islands, coarse 20 CENTRALS. GARDEN HOSE WRITE US FOR SAMPLES AND PRICES TEN DISTINCT GRADES, EVERY ONE A WINNER. the beginning were dubious as to the advantage of the extra capital outlay involved. Schumacher, I may remark, was formerly assistant chemist at tire Harberg-Vienna Kub- MANUFACTURINQ CO., LIMITED ber Works, at Harburg, from whence he went for a year or two to Messrs. His associates in his present enterprise are, to judge by their names, all of his own nationality, and vulcanite goods form a prominent part of the output of the firm. ages claimed for it are not the outcome of mental illusion in the case of the patentee. In the determination ol bituminous matter he said that errors might creep in owing to the tendency of vulcanization or overheating to produce bituminous matters from the rubber itself. Terry rather crit- icized the paper on the score of want of novelty. Weber, but still he thought that his publi- cations on rubber analysis should have had more pointed refer- ence by the authors than had been the case that evening. This will come as cause for congratulation to those firms wrho from DRYINQ OF WASHED RUBBER. He gave several analyses of re- claimed rubber made by his procedure stating incidentally that as a rule the American products contained more mineral mat- ter than did the English. Limited, that the patent is now the sole property RECOVERY. Arrivals of India-rubber (including Caucho) at Para during each of the last three crop years have been as follows, in tons, in addition to which is given a column comparing the receipts of the present year, up to the end of each month, with those of last season : This year's 1900-01. It is to be hoped that realization in the case of the Hyde company will come up to anticipation. seems, however, that I w*as somewhat previous in my conclusions. CURRENT quotations correspond very closely with those presented in this column a month ago, though mean- while lower prices have prevailed at times, with a less firm market than at present.

' J ^steaming by placing in it /" r j ta j nj the troublous times which the Eccles company have passed through of late having weakened their position as the principal opponents of Messrs. This branch has been subject to much severe cutting in prices that there has been little in- ducement to go in for it. Prime, red Prime, white Lower grades 75 Reboiled, prime 75 Reboiled, inferior 10 Balata, sheet 63 Balata, block 52 Pontianak (in quanti ties) Almeidina Tuno gum Chicle „;6H lal,2 Oil,-; @55 (867 @55 @52 @2 25 (81.50 t and 3s. The ideal floor for Offices, Banks, Vesti- bules, Elevators and especially for places where electrical cur- rents abound.

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